Adult Learning


Often when meeting parents with regards to their children’s maths learning, parents have made  comments such as; ‘I don’t understand these new ways of doing the sums- they didn’t do it like that when I went to school’, or ‘I don’t know how to help x with their homework’ or ‘I was useless at maths so I’m no help’ or ‘we wish you had taught us maths!’



This is why The Little Maths Room is here to help adults gain confidence in themselves by improving their knowledge and understanding of maths and, if relevant be able to support their Primary aged child’s maths development.

What do we offer?

Maths booster lessons

These will be tailored to your requirements and take place in the quiet and private  The Little Maths Room in Blackthorn near Bicester. Tuition will be arranged to suit your schedule (daytime or evening).


For more information please contact us