Super Fractions Work!
Super Fractions Work!



'As I have said previously, I would give Cat 6 stars if I could!' Mr S (Parent- Google Review)


'Catherine's 'can do' approach is warm and friendly. This creates a fun atmosphere of relaxed learning which ensures O is put at his ease. Consequently, O always leaves a lesson feeling successful and as a result his confidence in tackling more challenging maths concepts has increased' Miss L (Parent)



'Catherine is an exceptionally gifted and inspiring teacher of mathematics, she really does have a remarkable gift for unlocking not just achievement in maths but a genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the subject'  (Head teacher)


'Catherine is very supportive to me when I find something hard, She also makes the lessons fun and is creative' O (Pupil aged 9)


'I have known Catherine for a number of years and she has taught nearly all of my children. She has an approach to maths which engages the children- even if they are tired! This involves games, hands on using lots of different mediums (e.g. glass nuggets, coins and the child's imagination) and the occasional mug of hot chocolate! My children have struggled to retain their numeracy knowledge as there just isn't enough time in a classroom environment to ensure each child has a strong grasp of every topic before moving on. Catherine ensures they have this, focusing on their weaker areas and giving them a solid knowledge in each area which they can then build upon. My children all learn differently which hasn't phased Catherine as she adapts her approach for  each child. All my children love their lessons even if they initially struggled with maths and didn't enjoy it at school (including one child who is visually dyslexic). I have previously  recommended Catherine to other parents and will continue to do so' Mrs W (Parent)


‘During the time Cat has taught my daughter I have seen dramatic improvements in her maths ability. Cat has a natural flair and limitless passion for motivating children to do their best; she keeps the lessons fun and engages with the specific needs of each student, Being on the autistic spectrum my daughter has always struggled with paying attention but can now work for up to an hour at a time with Cat. I would heartily recommend Cat for any child with or without special needs. Mrs C (Parent)