The Little Maths Room
The Little Maths Room




The Little Maths Room in Blackthorn, near Bicester, was purpose built in 2017 to provide a private, quiet and well-equipped maths learning environment. It includes a separate relaxing parent/guardian waiting room. Alternatively, lessons can be held online.


Every maths lesson includes a written lesson plan which is personalised and structured to ensure continuity and progression. The emphasis is on providing a supportive environment to help boost confidence and make maths fun using concrete and multi-sensory teaching methods tailored to the individual’s learning style (that often means lots of games based learning!) If the lesson is for a child, feedback on progression is given to the parent or guardian at the end of each lesson.  If appropriate, we also encourages open communication with the learner’s school and may be able to attend review meetings, parents' evenings etc if required.


We specialise in supporting pupils aged 6-14 years old but please do contact us if you require help for a younger or older child and we will do our best to help.


Lessons are available Monday – Thursday between 7.30am – 6.30pm and on Fridays 8am - 10am; most learners have a set day and time for weekly lessons.